Ecological week

May 11 – 18, 2019

The main purpose is to maintain the hiking trails and provide sufficient signs for them in and around Morinesio. This includes the cutting of overgrowth, removal of any winter damage from trees ad bushes, as well making sure the trails are marked.
In addition we are aslo going to recover old trails as time permits and provide teh appropriate markings as well.
The work will be done in groups and organized within each group according to the individuals capacity.
What you have to bring along is the commitment to contribute a little bit to the maintenance of this unique envirofnmental jewel as well as good hiking gear, working gloves and be ready to have some fun and enjoy a good days work concluded by a delicious italian meal and a good glas of vine.

We are happy to welcome as many coworkers as possible to share the fun and reward of doing the above.
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Raku Courses with Verena Siol

23. bis 30. Juni 2019 & 08. bis 15. September 2019

Als Raku bezeichnet man eine alte, aus Japan kommende Brenntechnik. Die Objekte werden aus hochschamottiertem Ton hergestellt.
Im Glasurbrand nimmt man die Werkstücke zum Zeitpunkt der Glasurschmelze mit Zangen aus dem Ofen.
Die Stücke werden anschließend unter Sauerstoffabschluss, mit Holzspänen oder anderen Naturmaterialien, geräuchert.
Das Ergebnis sind craquellierte und geschwärzte Stücke mit einer überraschenden Oberfläche.
Im Dialog mit Ton, im Innehalten und Einlassen auf die Umgebung bekommt die eigene Person einen freien Raum zur Entfaltung. Der Gestaltungsprozess beginnt mit der Inspiration, einem von außen kommenden Einfall, der wirken kann, wenn er auf innere Bereitschaft trifft.
Gefäße und Figuren (Plastiken) entstehen bewusst und werden durch Feuer, Rauch und Wasser einzigartig verändert.
Der Fokus dieses Raku-Intensiv-Kurses liegt im Spüren der eigenen Formensprache, im Einbeziehen der Natur, des Findens inspirierender Materialstrukturen und -formen von Pflanzen und Hölzern.

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung zum Kurs via: Verena Siol

Anmeldung zur Unterbringung via: Casa dei Fiori

Taiji/Qigong Seminar with Rene Gander

Juli 7 - 14, 2019

The meditative art of movement helps to relax body and mind, stimulates the Qi and
blood circulation, promotes mobility and has a beneficial effect on the body's immune system.
and human organism.
Qigong is a method of harmonization of the energy of body and mind that has grown over thousands of years and originated in China.
The movements are slow, gentle and flowing, full of expression, beauty and energy.
Taiji can be learned by all people, regardless of age, fitness and previous knowledge.

Details and registration for the Taiji/Qigong seminar via

Registration for accommodation via Casa dei Fiori

Morinesio Puppet Workshop

July 14 - July 21, 2019

The Art of Pageant Puppetry in the Mountains of Northern Italy

Participate in a weeklong workshop in pageant puppetry, culminating in a community-wide Midsummer Pageant.
Collaborate with international and local participants to create an event that pays tribute to the traditions of ritual celebration in a small and remote village high in the Italian Alps.
Master Puppet Designers Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles will guide you through the production of the Pageant.
Drawing inspiration from the lives and history of the village, as well as from local traditions of Summer Solstice celebrations, known in Italy as the feast of Saint John the Baptist, you will work closely as a group to create a night procession of lanterns and puppet procession and Festa the following day.
You will learn, through hands-on experience, how to construct giant puppets, banners, lanterns and musical instruments.

Further details:Puppet Workshop Morinesio

or in YouTube: Puppet Workshop

Photoworkshops in Morinesio with Claus Iden

September 28 - October 5, 2019

Nature is passionate about shaping the landscape over and over again. It is particularly active in the Valle Mairia, the sun warms the air and water and the stones seem to come alive. It is not uncommon to want to stop time in this unique landscape. Here you get the feeling that you don't have to do anything, but you can do everything. This uniqueness has to be worked out photographically. Thus, landscape photography becomes demanding and very versatile.

Under the professional guidance of Claus Iden, you will learn the basics and techniques of landscape and macro photography. Photo excursions through the Maira valley and its villages offer many attractive motifs. The aim of the photo week "impressive landscape and macro shots".

Further details on the workshop and registration can be found at:

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Registration for accommodation via: Casa dei Fiori (Note photo workshop)